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Leonardo da vinci art and science museum

Shakespeares imagination is as democratic as Leonardos.
Yet, Leonardo taught himself everything he could find out around him including Latin, but also so much more.The Leonardo da Vinci National, science and, technology, museum became, quickly, in one of the voodoo vince remastered pc most visited in Milan.The wisdom of these pagan authors gave a licence to explore the human condition in a new and richer way.In these three places they distribute all the presentations, like the Computer.The place opened its doors in 1947 and its distributed in three different buildings.Why dont we get similarly excited come vincere al gratta e vinci miliardario about.Science one where, as its name indicated, you can get to know the history of computers since the 17th century, when they created the abacus, until the personal computers presented by, iBM.Both creative titans died many centuries ago, but live so vibrantly in modern imaginations they feel like our contemporaries.Shakespeare, like Leonardo, leonardo da vinci secret code sought out most of his knowledge by himself, from books he read; from conversations with peers such as Christopher Marlowe (who probably told him about Leonardos old mate.
Machiavelli and above all from observing the world around him.
You needed to know enough stories from mythology to put them in your paintings, but there was no need to understand Latin or Greek.

His main education was as an apprentice painter in 15th-century Florence.Not one but two fascinating Leonardo exhibitions open in the UK this week.As a new Science Museum exhibition shows, Leonardo remains a cultural titan in the digital age because, like Shakespeare, he was an artist of the people.Other cultural greats can seem remote but Leonardo and Shakespeare soar into the digital future on a wooden flying machine that wont ever stop.Home, only-Be, milanese, leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum.The most important of them is the Olivetan monastery that was built in the 16th century.Leonardo da Vinci is the Shakespeare of art and engineering.The Renaissance was an intellectual revolution kickstarted by scholars rediscovering the classic texts of ancient Greece and Rome.He listened to the speech of the streets.Another tries to present an old art nouveau train station atmosphere and, the last one, is the place which once was the building of Aerial and Maritime Transport.Photograph: Alessandro Nassiri/Archivio Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci/Science Museum.This programme of self-guided learning started when he was young and continued all his life.But one of the presentations that gave it its currently fame is the gallery with the works of the very own Da Vinci.
They embraced popular culture, popular ways of thought, and that speaks to our democratic age.
Neither went to university; both were in many ways self-taught, their capacious minds not limited by the elitist culture of Renaissance humanism.

Getting into the hottest new Shakespeare production is a tricky business but this weekend, I finally watched Michael Fassbender.
Self-Portrait, c1512, by Leonardo da Vinci.